Our concept store is new as we leading to international standard of product range for PETRONAS merchandise. This FAQ page developed to help you to answer all your queries. We happy to help you enjoy while surfing the website.

Why has a standard range of products been created?

Each year PETRONAS acquires a substantial amount of PETRONAS branded products, including corporate gifts, giveaways, loyalty catalogue gifts, and promotional products. These products should represent a brand development opportunity for PETRONAS but pose a serious risk to PETRONAS’s brand and reputation if not managed well. Whilst many innovative, forward thinking products have been produced in the past, which work to strengthen the brand, there are also many that fail to represent the brand and only have an adverse effect. It is for this reason that the sourcing of all PETRONAS branded products has been reviewed. To that effect, a new process is being introduced that will ensure all new products are of a suitable quality, properly represent PETRONAS’s brand attributes and are ethically sourced. In order to begin the process, a standard range of brand compliant, ethically sourced, quality tested, PETRONAS branded products are now available at the click of a button through PETRONAS’s first global online web shop – merchandise.petronas.com.

The standard range does not meet my needs, what should I do?

We understand that the standard range will not always meet your needs, and, in these circumstances, customised products can be developed. In order for you to produce bespoke products two criteria will need to be fulfilled. Firstly, there will need to be a clear business case for the custom products and, secondly, suppliers used must be contracted under form of a license. It is essential that our external agent, MH GLOBAL be engaged for all products outside of the range for future orders. MH GLOBAL will assist you with the entire sourcing process – from the product concept development and approval to the supplier selection and product delivery. This is to ensure that the PETRONAS brand continues to be represented in the correct way and that the best possible prices are obtained.

How many items are in the standard range?

There are now over 50 PETRONAS branded products on merchandise.petronas.com, representing the most popular promotional merchandise categories. We are certain that you will easily find an innovative and imaginative solution to your promotional merchandise requirements here. It is preferred that you make your selection from these items where possible as they have been signed off. Where you require custom made products, please contact our customer services team who will guide you through the new approval process and will be able to help select the most competitive supplier. All manufacturers of PETRONAS branded merchandise need to be granted a license to produce PETRONAS branded merchandise before commencing production. This helps to ensure that manufacturing adheres to PETRONAS’s ethical, environmental and safety policies.

Why is this policy being introduced?

The new policies, processes and tools will provide you with the support to create quality items that reflect PETRONAS’s marketing and branding requirements, and will help to ensure that you always receive ethically sourced, safe and high quality products. This, in turn, helps to ensure that perceptions of the PETRONAS brand remain untarnished and are, in fact, enhanced. The distributor model adds a layer of complexity to the ethical sourcing of these products, the new framework cuts through this layer to the products' source, this ensures that the products are manufactured in the way that PETRONAS stipulates in its HSE policy and beyond.

How were the products selected?

The products available on the Website were designed from the ground up based on the most popular promotional products that are bought by PETRONAS on a yearly basis. Every product has been presented to its brand manager and signed off at every step of the way. This sign off process meticulously ensured that the products you will receive are high quality, ethically sourced and are brand compliant.

I already buy my products from an online shop, what will change?

If you have previously bought your PETRONAS branded products from another online shop you will find that many of the products do not follow the new policy. Therefore, you should proceed to browse the Website and see if the products you require are already featured. Over the next six months all existing online shops will be phased out and the Website will become the sole global PETRONAS branded product website to facilitate the application of the PETRONAS branded products policy.

What if I use a non-licensed supplier?

Companies that produce PETRONAS branded items without a license will be breaching PETRONAS Brand Management Department’s trademark rights. PETRONAS Brand Management Department will take all necessary steps to protect PETRONAS’s trademark rights from unauthorised use. This could potentially extend to legal action against any unauthorised manufacturer or supplier of PETRONAS-branded products.

What if I want to continue to use my current supplier?

There is a real need to rationalise the supplier base to ensure best prices, control over quality, ethical and safety compliance. Over the next 6 months our team will seek feedback on the performance of the existing supplier base with a view to placing the best suppliers under licence in order to continue building on already strong partnerships. If you have a supplier that you are keen to continue working with, please feel free to contact merchandisestore@mhglobal.com to discuss this further.

What do I do now?

You can browse the current product ranges in our store. By clicking on the menu to browse by a particular category or sub-brand to help find the product you would like.